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Dear Customer

Please take a moment to read this information that has been brought to our attention. If you have had a  Boiler recently installed which may still be under a warranty or a boiler out of its warranty. We have had a case where a boiler has had to have a new heat exchanger and pump fitted due to damage caused by a blockage, due to sludge or debris been circulated from old existing radiators which required a  power flush. If sludge or debris is found present in a new boiler the manufactures warranty will usually be cancelled. On our next visit to service your boiler we will be taking a water sample from the boiler to ensure that sludge or debris is not present which could result in premature failure. This is due to new modern efficient boilers having much smaller components then traditional designs (passageway diameter in boiler heat exchangers used to be up to 1cm and can now be 2mm. Water ways in diverter valves, thermistors and pumps are also a lot smaller). This means they are very sensitive to anything that could cause a blockage. A simple water test taken from the boiler can tell us the condition of your central heating system water. We are happy to carry out this test for you free of charge before your next service date is due to give you peace of mind. This will allow me to give you advice on whether your system needs a powerflush which would remove any sludge or debris from your system making it more efficient and less prone to failure dependent on the results of the water test. If the water sample is given the all clear no further action is required.

A system that requires a power flush can be costly to run now that gas prices are still rising so save your self some money and reduce your gas fuel bills 

For a FREE water test please contact us via telephone 0121 426 4742 or Email to arrange a convenient time.

The Proflush Machine we use will clean any domestic heating system  up to 40 radiators 3 storeys

The Proflush is now connected to your heating system via your pump in the boiler or heating system.The quick clean and efficient way to remove magnetite and all particulates from the circulating system water during the powerflush operation. 


The magnetic filtration unit collects all debris so that the householder can see what has been taken out of the system and reduces the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which may cause early failure. Pictures show before and after.The build up of magnetite which was in the system can now be removed.

The picture gallery will show you what would be removed from a typical heating system that required a powerflush

 From our experience we found that power flush is an effective and non-intrusive method of cleaning radiators as no removal of individual units is required. Since Agas Services provided this treatment,we have noticed an improvement in the heat output of the radiators

               David and Pamela Henson Edgbaston.

 Agas recently carried out a power flush on my central heating system, after a test suggested it might be wise. The work was carried out efficiently and without any inconvenience while I was at work, I was given photographs of the process to show what had been removed, and it seemed to me that the radiators warmed up much more quickly afterwards.  

ER, Selly Park, October 2011.